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My Knee Hurts! No Wait...What?

Our bodies are breaking more easily than they should. They are staying broken longer than they should. Something is off. Shouldn't we recover better than this? Shouldn't we recover faster?

For years, minor injuries plagued me and I wondered why no one was able to help. I saw countless healthcare professionals. I was prescribed various medications to no avail. If there was help, it was temporary.

Then I found the modality I practice today. Neuroplasticity is based on the principle that our brains control our bodies and, therefore, all body performance is brain-related - including healing. This simple concept is what eludes Healthcare and its why many of us remain sick and injured after traditional treatment.

The human body is an incredibly adaptive, healing machine. If it doesn't heal efficiently and completely, it suggests that there is a brain-related issue. For example, consider Clara's right knee. She has a partially torn meniscus. She has been to three doctors, received x-rays, pain meds, and 6 weeks of physical therapy with no improvement. So far, all attention has been on the biomechanical imperfection in Clara's knee. No one has considered the involvement of Clara's brain.

If Clara's condition doesn't improve, her doctors will ask her to continue the regime...even though it isn't working. Typically, someone like Clara will be prescribed more pain meds and be told that there are no other options.

Unlike the traditional approach, Neuroplasticity seeks to understand the brain's involvement. For example, Clara may not be healing well because the neurological movement map for her right knee, located in her brain, is damaged, incomplete, or inaccessible.

In neuroplasticity, we use several movement assessments to identify how Clara's brain may be preventing healing. If it is determined that Clara has a movement map issue in her brain, this would explain why traditional approaches are unable to help.

The brain moves the knee. The brain has all the maps for knee movement and performance. Arguably, it is an exercise in futility to try healing the body without considering the brain's connection.

At MP3, we use a movement drills to determine how Clara's brain may be keeping her from healing. If we see a negative pattern, we provide customized, brain-based drills to help her build a better knee!

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