nVision is an Eye Exercise Device created for Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Z-Health practitioners, and Body/Brain Fitness Trainers and Therapists, to assess and train eye skills to a higher level performance. 


M – Mode: Program, Brightness, and Color Options

nVision has 7 programs. nVision nStructions explain how to perform 14 different eye exercises using these programs. Brightness and Color can also be changed to your preference. 


S – Speed

nVision has 9 Speeds, easily set using the key pad



  1. nVision key pad with light strip
  2. Red/Cyan glasses for exercises to reduce eye supression
  3. 6 ft. extension cable 



nVision requires a standard USB, 5v charger (not included). This is the same charger used for most smart phones (Computer USB ports and smart phone back-up chargers also work).