Client Testimonials

NeuroKinetic Therapy® (NKT)


"Dutch helped me recover from a terrible car accident. Whiplash had caused significant pain, and Dutch's Therapy helped my brain and body communicate again. I feel stronger every day." Ashley


"For the 1st time, I understand what is causing my pain. I also now have tools to help stop the pain." Lauren


"I struggled with chronic knee pain for ~10 years. MP3 alleviated my pain in 1 session!" 


"I came to Dutch to improve movement so I could play with my grandson. Dutch gave some simple daily exercises that made me stronger and more confident." Elaine


Fascial Stretch Therapy: 


"Fascial Stretch helped lengthen my muscles and helped my body prepare for a marathon. The exercises have strengthened my muscles, and I no longer have any pain. I highly recommend FST, and I am thankful for the techniques which assisted me in reaching my goal!" - Amanda C. 


"I had been experiencing pain on a daily basis for months and had all but lost hope to getting back to an exercise routine. Well, not only am I back to exercising at "acceptable" levels I went to jiu-jitsu last night, and it felt great! I owe my recovery first to God's grace and then to you working with me as I went through rehab. I truly believe FST gave me the extra edge I needed!"  - Scott S.


“I am amazed at how well my body has responded to my first two sessions of FST. I had aches and pains behind my knee, and in several places around my hips. I noticed an immediate improvement in all areas within 24 hrs of my session. Within 72 hrs, my aches were almost non-existent. I highly recommend FST to any athlete with or without any current problems." – Craig D.


"As a person who has always struggled with joint and muscle pain, and has been to every kind of chiropractor, massage therapist and doctor with little result, I was surprised to discover that FST was different from everything I had tried so far. Dutch was easy to work with, made the experience pleasant and relaxing. He explains what he is doing and explains the goal. It was not painful at all. The good news is that specific areas of pain have been relieved with only one session and lasting relief is my measuring stick. This is a great integrative practice for good health and pain management."  – Nancy M.


"FST is an awesome modality for anyone working through a chronic injury, or just looking for more flexibility. I found it especially helpful for my low back, and shoulders. It is a comfortable stretching routine, and I left my session feeling more balanced. I also learned what specific muscle groups need to be strengthened, and what muscle groups need to be stretched - great personalized information. FST works!"    – DeeDee F.