At MP3, we leave no stone unturned...
We consider every facet of your body that may be keeping you from peak performance. 
We assess every system you have, because all of them matter, and any one of them may be keeping you from your goals.
We evaluate your muscular system, to observe muscle strength, and habitual movements that may be preventing you from reaching your potential.
The balance of your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are key to your healing and performance. Many of us are unable to heal completely or perform at our best, because of imbalance between our "fight/flight" system, and the "rest/digest" system. 
Sometimes healing is halted due to nerves that are entrapped, pinched, or "stuck". Significant pain, weakness, or numbness can result, but specific training can resolve these problems. 
It is imperative that "Top Level" neurological systems (eyes, vestibular, cognition, etc), are tuned and trained to high performance. Lacking integrity in these systems can limit performance and prevent healing.  
Unfortunately, food is one of the primary things limiting people from their peak potential, and half the supplements we consume are bad for us. We help you eliminate the worst toxins that steal your energy, and keep you from healing.
We dig deeper, assess more, and find what's holding you back. We find the root
causes, repair them, and get you feeling better, and moving stronger, with more energy . 

Our Therapy Modalities include:

ZHealth Performance Training

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)

NeuroKinetic Therapy® (NKT)

Structural Joint Balancing 


Charles Barkley Loves Fascial Stretch! 

Donovan McNabb Gets Stretched!