Special Announcement

Due to Covid-19 challenges, MP3 is offering both online sessions and in person. We are grateful many of our services can translate into online  environments seamlessly. 

In addition to providing our regular services, MP3 has also launched 2 initiatives to support our friends and clients through these times: 


Gamer Changers is a live, weekly, Youtube Broadcast, where we are hosting several authors, athletes, and wellness professionals who are top performers. All of them have insight into how we can thrive today, in spite of the circumstances we are facing. 

The MP3 Blog is publishing new articles regularly, to help provide motivation and support to get through the days ahead. The Blog is also where you will find details and links to the Game Changers broadcasts.


Increase Energy & Strength

End Pain & Reduce the Risk of Injury

Improve Athletic Performance

If you feel that something is holding you back, 

keeping you from healing or health, 

or getting in the way of your goals, 

MP3 can help!