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About Us

How did MP3 begin?

As an endurance athlete and mountain climber, I have had my share of physical aches and injuries. I've had about every minor ailment you have heard of: shin splints, knee problems, tennis elbow, wrist pain, herniated disks in my spine, plantar fasciitis, IT band issues, low back pain, sciatic pain, and more. 

I've seen virtually every kind of pain specialist, from medical doctors to chiropractors and acupuncturists. Unfortunately, these pain interventions didn't help. 

Finally, I met a physical therapist who had a different approach. She introduced me to the concept of "brain connections in the body". This therapist helped me more than anyone else. I was virtually pain free for six weeks! Ecstatic, I worked hard to get certified in her technique, and my training did not end there. 

My enthusiasm for Neuroplasticity grew with every class I took, Along the way, I met healthcare and wellness professionals who were exploring a new idea:

The brain should be of utmost importance in injury rehabilitation. 

The more I heard about this idea, the more it made sense. The brain is responsible for initiating movement. It contains movement "maps" that make movement possible. When an injury occurs, the brain is effected: movement maps can be "lost". 

Also, the brain is incredibly mighty. Books were starting to be published on the power of Neuroplasticity. The concept of brain retraining was starting to become mainstream. The potential of our brains is still considered largely untapped, and the upper limits of this potential seem rather endless. If anyone suggests there is something our brains cannot do, it is fair to assume that he has not seen the research! 

After five years and 15 certifications, I became a Neuro Athletic Trainer. In 2012, I started MP3 to provide a more powerful way to heal from injuries, and become stronger than ever.


This is the vision of MP3.


MP3 stands for Move Past Pain to Performance.

It means we are not content to get people out of pain.

Becoming "pain free" is not a high enough goal. 

At MP3, we want our clients to know:

With the brain's potential, we can recover stronger and better than ever. 

We can rediscover the joy of moving while also winning better brains. 

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