Recommended Reading
If you want to learn more about neuroplasticity and the human brain, I have 2 book lists below. The first list highlights books that I recommend or everyone. The second list shows books that are more challenging to read, but offer a deeper look into  the science. These lists are a work in progress, so come back and check for additions soon!  
List 1 - Great books for everyone
The Brain's Way of Healing, by Norman Doidge
The Brain that Changes Itself, by Norman Doidge
Play, by Dr. Stuart Brown
Into the Magic Shop, by Dr. James R Doty (Neurosurgeon)
The Body Electric, by Dr. Robert Becker 
How to Heal Your Metabolism, by Kate Deering - great resource about foods and nutrients necessary to support a healthy brain
List 2 - More challenging academic reading
Explain Pain Supercharged, by Lorimer Mosely, Ph.D. 
A Revolution in the Physioligy of the Living Cell, by Gilbert Ling, Ph.D.