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1. Classes at the University of Denver

"This is an exciting new class on current discoveries on the brain and neuroplasticity. It is hopeful and practical for anyone wanting to sharpen physical skills and accelerate improvements in brain functioning. It is also a reminder that as we age we must continue to develop and change in our physical and brain functioning. Bravo for a difficult class taught by a believer in positive growth."

1. Classes at the University of Denver
MP3 owner, Dutch Thomson, teaches Neuroplasticity at the University of Denver  in the continuing education, STEM curriculum. This is an in-depth applied neuroanatomy course. Topics covered are brain anatomy, the brain stem, cerebellum, vestibular system, and eyes. 

Here's what students are saying about Neuroplasticity at DU: 



"I learned a lot about practical neuroplasticity exercises. Well-demonstrated with good explanations. Very knowledgeable instructor. Want to learn more."

"Dutch is an extraordinary instructor, clearly teaching a complex subject."

"It was very new subject to me, and I learned a lot about Neuroplasticity and mind control. Dutch is great instructor, and the class was very interactive one."

"Information presented in a very usable, efficient way. I learned a lot about a

topic I was interested in . Facilitator was excellent."

"I learned so much and enjoyed every minute of it. Dutch is the very best. Wish he would teach another class because he has much more knowledge to share."


"Enthusiastic teacher. Good exercises for brain health."

"It was amazing how stimulating parts of the brain with certain motions, like eye movements, made other parts of the body feel better."

2. Workshops

To find out more about Neuroplasticity at DU,  click this link. Dutch teaches Neuroplasticity every year, starting in February. Registration opens ~Nov 15. 
2. Workshops
Dutch Thomson facilitates workshops for anyone wanting to learn more about Neuroplasticity. Participants often include healthcare and wellness professionals, and  holistic health enthusiasts,  Click on courses below to learn more. 

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