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This course module will help you understand the role our organs play in movement, pain, memory, mental performance, and more! Most of us have heard the idea that left arm pain can be associated with heart problems, but did you know there are many other organs and body areas that have referred pain patterns?  Learn to care for and potentially heal these "organ pain" areas. 


In this module, we'll also discuss the skin as the largest organ of the body. What happens when skin is cut, damaged, or injured, accidentally or on purpose (as in a surgery)? Can our skin "remember" threat? 


Also, we will discuss:


1. Digestion, insomnia, stamina, and energy

2. The vagus nerve which innervates nearly all of our organs. 

3. The brain's insular cortex. This area is closely connected to the vagus nerve. 

4. How organs and emotions can affect each other. 


This module will be movement oriented, combining teaching with application. Comfortable athletic clothing is recommended.


A study guide will be provided for the workshop ten days before the class, via email. The cost for the workshop is $789. There is space for 20 participants. At check-out, you will need to enter your Shipping Information (nothing is shipped; no shipping charges will be applied).



Organs Matter

  • The workshop is on Saturday, April 9. It begins at 9:00 AM, and ends at 4:00 PM.

    We will have a one hour lunch break. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to pick up workshop materials, and bring a snack!

  • First Universalist Church of Denver

    4101 E Hampden Ave

    Denver, CO 80222

    * Colvin Commons Room *

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