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Food for Thought
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Diet is one of the most confusing things in the world. Countless programs guarantee that success if you follow their plan, or buy their special food and supplements. Almost every year a new diet becomes fashionable. Someone famous promotes it, and she guarantees that this is way to attain your goals. Aren't you tired of the treadmill?
Contributing to the confusion is that wellness professionals, doctors, dietitians, and nutritionists seldom agree. MP3 offers you a quality and depth of research that is not available from the trendy, fashionable diets.
To get started, we will ask you to purchase How to Heal your Metabolism, by Kate Deering. This is not a diet book, but a food science book with 80 pages referencing varies articles, and many research studies.
Your body is a complex chemistry lab. Your lab is unique, and it will take time and effort to understand. There is science and terminology to learn. You will need to learn about your Thyroid, chemicals involved in your metabolism and inflammation, and you will need to understand how inflammation affects metabolism. I apologize if this seems overwhelming. We have been so manipulated by companies and marketing schemes that it is hard to believe the truth...that repairing our metabolism is ANYTHING but easy. 
When I began to learn about the complexity of the metabolism, I was REALLY frustrated! It was hard to learn everything. No one else told me I had to learn all this stuff! And yet, the unique demand of study appealed to me precisely for that reason. No one else had suggested this kind of rigorous "lab work" was necessary. We have a tendency to shy away from difficulty, but what if the difficult path is the right one?
If food science was easy, wouldn't everyone have figured it our by now? It made sense why companies could manipulate masses with guaranteed simple solutions. The fact is, when we really look at the science, and begin to apply it, it is hard work! A diet pill would be a GREAT alternative...if it worked.
The fallacies surrounding diet fads underscore the need we have to be our own wellness professional. There is SO much misinformation, and the culture of treating every ailment with a pill is not solving our problems. It seems, instead, to be making us more dependent on pills.  I would rather have a solution that lasts, and a body that doesn't break. 
I am sorry this is hard, but I have personally seen clients lives change because of this information. Not only have they lost weight, they have grown stronger, sleep better, have fewer headaches, less brain fog, and improved immunity.
I invite you to work with MP3 to repair your metabolism and to look and feel your best. It may take some time, but it's worth it! 

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