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Remember What You Are!

I was reminded by a friend today about a discussion we had about human performance. She owns a gym, and was putting her clients through some innovative exercises to challenge them to become "better movers". I said, "We are made to be the apex creatures on the planet. When we don’t ACT like it, our bodies fall apart."

One of my core values is the concept of "moving better". Lifting more weight, running faster, jumping higher, and punching or throwing harder, are all exercises that should be secondary to the ideal of moving better. When we challenge ourselves with unique, cognitively challenging drills, our brains work, change, and improve. The end result is that these high level skills help us remember what we are: the Apex creatures on the planet! If you are not actively striving to become an excellent mover, you may be at risk of forgetting what you are. We are incredibly tough, strong, resilient survivors.

I like what Dr. Eric Cobb at ZHealth has to say, "The reason we have a brain is for problem solving through movement." Trail running on Green Mountain Trail, I made a quick video to demonstrate this:

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