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Elevating Your Inner CEO

Updated: 15 hours ago

We all have a CEO within us – our frontal lobe! This part of the brain is the powerhouse for focused attention, allowing us to learn, solve problems, and strategize. The frontal lobe also plays a crucial role in managing emotions. It helps us assess danger and calms us after the threat has passed.

However, our inner CEO can get sidetracked. Distractions and stressors can hijack our focus, leaving us stuck in unproductive loops. Just like a race car with a jammed brake pedal, these obstacles significantly hinder our performance.

For the past three years, I have been on a journey to optimize my inner CEO. The most powerful thing I’ve discovered is strength in numbers. Overcoming challenges and retraining the brain is much more effective with a supportive community. Sharing experiences and witnessing the successes of others can provide tremendous motivation to fuel our own progress.

The E-CEO Discussion Group

Please consider joining me on the journey. My next E-CEO (Elevating the CEO) discussion is starting soon. Meetings will be bi-weekly on Zoom, Friday mornings (time TBD), and we'll meet seven times. The cost of this group is $350 per person. Spouses/Partners may attend for free.

Group discussions will cover a variety of topics to support participants in strengthening their inner CEO, including:

  • Sharing strategies and experiences

  • Exploring methods to improve focus and performance

  • Learning about body-brain exercises to activate the frontal lobe

  • Getting up-to-date on the latest research

I have a few more spaces available, so let me know asap if you would like to attend. You can reach me at 720-722-2504 or

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