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Game Changers are Changing the Narrative

Game Changers, Episode 3 Guest Game Changer: Lars Lienhard This Thursday @ 9:00 AM @

NOTE: Starting at 9:00 am this week to accommodate the time in Germany.

A couple years ago I was fortunate to meet Lars Lienhard at a neuroplasticity course. Dr. Eric Cobb was teaching the course, and Lars had some unique insights, and asked great questions. Later I found out why. Lars trains some of the most elite athletes in the world.

In 2014, Lars was training the German National Football Team (they won the World Cup that year). In 2016, Lars joined the German Track and Field Team at the Olympic Games. In 2019, he published Training Begins in the Brain. This week, I am fortunate to have Lars Lienhard as my Game Changer guest. I hope you can join us!

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