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Training Hard

How will we get through this? Is there any end in site? How much longer will it last? This is too hard!

Trials in life can typically cause one of two responses. One response is to freeze; to stop and hide. This is the path of hibernation and self preservation. The other response is to rise to the occasion, to stand tall and fight in the face adversity.

You might think that you are simply the kind of person who does hibernation particularly well, or conversely, that you are an overcomer - nothing can hold you back. Certainly we have have some genetic programming, or learned response, that is our go-to strategy for facing adversity; but, which response we choose has more to do with our training than you might think.

The training I am most concerned about is not intentional, conscious training, but unintentional, unconscious training. This training is infinitely more important, because we have practiced it far more. If you are uncertain about the kind of unintentional, unconscious training that has dominated your learning, ask yourself this question: do I have more experience hiding, sulking, and hibernating, or more experience rising to the occasion; stepping up to the challenge? What feels more like me?

Trends in depression rates, anxiety medication statistics, and increased suicides are instructive. Far too many of us can't cope. Instead of seeing a way through, we give up. Are you ready for the good news? Here is today's pro-tip: regardless of your training, or genetic predisposition, you can change! If there is ANYTHING you get from my work, GET THIS: your brain is infinitely more powerful that you know!

At this point, we know NO limits to the power of our brains. Instead, the latest research in neuroscience is pointing to this fact: the human brain is more adaptable, powerful, and plastic than we imagined.

Unfortunately, neuroscience is also teaches us that our brains tend to take the easy way; they are resistance change. In other words, change is hard. In essence, if you are not striving to change, you are likely stagnating, or getting worse: more anxious, more fearful, and more competent in the characteristics you don't want.

Consider training to be more of a fighter and overcomer. What are some ways to start practicing being the strong fighter you are? For every voice in you that asks you to quit, there is another one that says "Don't give up. Keep fighting. You've got this!" Train hard to cultivate the voice you want.

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